Over the years we have worked with authors, publishers, publishing consultants, and small businesses to give them customized graphic design solutions to all of their needs. Here is what they have to say about the final designs and working with us.

“Any first is always special…a first love, first born child, first car etc. so when I saw the completion of my first book, Magic (v.) I could not have been happier with the result. With the amazing work by Victoria Colotta, the layout of the book beautifully brought the story to life! From the get-go, Victoria was meticulous with my vision and her innate creativity augmented my own vision. Her professionalism was amazing and she was kind enough to work incredibly well with my less than perfect deadline. I could not have chosen a better editor to take part my first book.”

 Lupe Mora, author and CEO/Founder of #Babed! Inc.


“We recently had the opportunity to work with Victoria on our book, Vets on Animal Reiki. In the past, we had used other larger firms to help with the publishing of our books but found the aesthetic lacking. With VMC we not only found a designer that understood our branding but one that was incredibly talented at creating a beautiful book that is going to stand out on bookshelves. We found Victoria to be easy to work with, prompt in her responses and willing to do the extra edits required to make the book perfect. In the past we have found some publishers get tired of the back and forth and just want the project finished. Victoria takes pride in her work product and was not only wiling to do the edits but always reached out to make sure we were pleased. She wasn't going to stop until we were 100% satisfied. The end product is much more than we had hoped for thanks to Victoria and all the work she put into this project. If you are looking for a publisher/marketing firm that is affordable, talented, dedicated to perfection and easy to work with, look no further than VMC. We will definitely be using VMC for our next project and we highly recommend you do too!”

 Kathleen Prasad, President and Leah D'Ambrosio Vice Presiden
of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association


“Victoria's beta reading service was excellent. She provided a detailed, professional and forthright assessment of my manuscript. Her feedback and suggestions were respectful, insightful and constructive. Her contribution has strengthened my story significantly and I will be using this service again. I highly recommend her.”

— Fen Wilde, Author

“Victoria is above expectations as a beta reader. She is through, punctual and easy to work with. Highly recommend.”

— Renee Blossom, Author



“Wow! Victoria's beta read of my book was incredibly perceptive, as she sought to ensure that my book both stood well on its own and fit within its specific genre. Not only did she make valuable suggestions regarding overall plot and character development, she also pinpointed specific instances of awkward phrasing and questionable character motivation. I could not have been more impressed with the thoroughness of her report, as all of her suggestions made my book so much stronger. I will definitely be seeking Victoria's input on my future works!”

— Nina Lane, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author


“Working with Victoria is a real pleasure. I've never known someone who provides such complete service. It seems she can do everything. Or at least I haven't come up with anything yet for my publishing company that she can't do. Beyond her immense talent as both a designer and technologist is something really special: she cares as much about the long-term success of my company as I do. It's not just her work that I value but her business advice, her strategic thinking, her platform and format familiarity, all the incredible knowledge she's built up over the years that she shares with me whenever she knows it will be helpful,”

— Steve Peha,  Publisher, Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc.
Author of the  9-time award-winning book, “Be a Better Writer”

“Working with Victoria was fun, easy, and professional! She is wonderful to work with and her graphic art is flawless. I have never been disappointed with any of the covers or teasers she has done for me and with always recommend her!”

— Codi Gary, Author


“Exactly what I was looking for! Beautiful work at an affordable price. Will be using her for all of our graphics from now on.”

— Elizabeth Hayley, Authors

Diamond Trilogy

“Victoria Colotta is a consummate graphic artist. Her book covers capture the essence of the author's intent. If one picture is worth a thousand words, Victoria's beautiful renderings are worth a million artfully rendered words. As a bonus, when she does a Beta Read she provides the author with an incisive and perceptive distillation of the novel's strengths and weaknesses. Kudos to a valuable partner in any author's effort to provide the best book possible.”

— Mark Rubinstein, Franklin and IPPY Award Winning Author

“Victoria Colotta is selling my book because of her fabulous cover. When I was seeking an artist for Beyond the Silk Mills, a number of people responded to my query with their website and fee. Victoria sent an email asking if we could discuss the project. Her personal commitment to meeting my expectations, her great talent, vision, and communication style made working with her rewarding. Victoria adhered to my desire for a retro cover, and when the photo I liked had a low resolution, she created a fabulous cover around it using the concept and feel that I was looking for. She will be working on my next book, and I recommend her to all of my writing friends.”

    Leslie Rupley, Author


“I couldn't have asked for a better design experience for my book interior. For my non-fiction educational style of material, visual elements are of the utmost importance for effectively getting the message across. What sold me on VMC Art and Design was the experience in educational publishing, but there was so much more that made this working relationship one of the best I've had in the production of this book. Victoria, is extremely organized. She sees the big picture and is always a step ahead. Successful outcomes are so very dependent on good communication and this is what I appreciated the most about working with her. Feedback was always received extremely well but very little was needed because she knew better than I did what would serve my book the best. I felt in good hands and look forward to working with her again in the future!”

    Ya-Ling Liou, Return to Health Press


“My website & social media now looks classy & professional & fabulous thanks to the uber talented @vcolotta! #GraphicArtistExtraordinaire”

    — Asa Maria Bradley, Author (@AsaMariaBradley)

Asa Maria Bradley

“Not only did Victoria take on my novel at the last minute, but she went out of her way to ensure the most streamline partnership possible.  It only a few short weeks, she had the PERFECT formatting design ready to go, with plenty of time to spare before my deadline.  She was with me every step of the way during an incredibly stressful time—beyond patient and professional.  I’m ecstatic with the result, and I can’t wait to return for future projects!”

— Lana Sky, Author

“Victoria formatted both the print and e-book versions of our anthology. The work was completed in a timely manner, and the end result was professional. We were pleased with our experience.”

— Allison Kelley, Executive Director,
Romance Writers of America


“Victoria Colotta is an absolute treasure! She has an incredible sense of design, is wonderfully patient and responsive, and truly goes the extra mile for her clients. With VMC Art & Design's help, my self-published novel looks as professional as any traditionally published book on the market. My only regret is that I waited so long to get in touch!”

    — Sara Lindsey, Author


“I am thrilled with the partnership I've developed with Victoria Colotta of VMC Art & Design over the course of self-publishing a trilogy and establishing my website. Victoria is talented, extremely patient, collaborative, knowledgeable, and she epitomizes the word "professional." I am so grateful for her aesthetic sense and her meticulous care and attention to every project. I would not think of undertaking any self-publishing endeavor without relying on Victoria's design and formatting skills. It is such a pleasure to turn over projects to her and know without a doubt that the final result will exceed my expectations.”

— Nina Lane, Author

Sweet Time Cover Reveal - Nina Lane

“I am now halfway through writing the final book of a trilogy. Being an architect by profession, the first book was a ‘bucket list’ item but the characters evolved and I am having so much fun – it will take every page of three books to bring the tale to conclusion.

The whole process proved a wonderful experience because of the support I have received from two incredibly talented professionals, Kristin Lindstrom at Flying Pig Media and Victoria Colotta at VMC art and design. Kristin is my wordsmith and editor; Victoria handles all graphics both inside and outside the books. As an artist myself, I have learned to place total trust in Victoria. I have only to give the hint of a direction and she responds with several variations on the theme. The toughest part has always been selecting the final cover as every version has its own special character.

The quality of artwork, originality of theme and technical proficiency that Victoria brings to our team has resulted in not only stunning individual covers but a subtle continuity throughout the trilogy which makes me very proud.”

— Guy Butler, Author of The Spider Trilogy



“I can’t extoll the awesomeness of VMC Art & Design (aka Victoria Colotta) enough. She not only came to the rescue when I needed a cover expedited, but she patiently listened, revised and listened some more.  She nailed the concept. She’s smart, tolerant, and talented as hell. I will never go anywhere else for my designs both inside (her formatting is gorgeous!) or outside (her covers are striking).”

— Karin Tabke, "A Very Happy Camper" and Author


“Victoria Colotta is an absolute treasure! She has an incredible sense of design, is wonderfully patient and responsive, and truly goes the extra mile for her clients. With VMC Art & Design's help, my self-published novel looks as professional as any traditionally published book on the market. My only regret is that I waited so long to get in touch!”

    — SE Jakes, Author

defiance logo

“I approached VMC Art & Design because I needed a logo for a traditional publishing project.  I wanted to own the design so I could promote my book series. Victoria Colotta came up with many different options at every stage of the design process, until I’d picked the one I absolutely loved.  It’s on the cover of my series, on promotional items and my website, and it’s the best branding touch I ever did.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Victoria Colotta and VMC Art & Design again for any future projects. ”

— Stephanie Tyler, NY Times Bestselling Author


“Victoria has been great to work with and an asset to my publishing business.  She delivers with great quality and provides experienced consultative direction.  She is able to work across multiple disciplines including graphic design, website design, publishing, digital file development and much more.  Victoria is quite simply, very talented and wonderful to work with.  I recommend her services without question!”

— Michael Fabiano, KCM Publishing

“VMC Arts & Design was an absolute pleasure to work with – the expertise, professionalism, and reliable service makes all the difference in the production of quality projects – I highly recommend.”

— Peter Costanzo, Creative Director
Formerly of NBC Publishing



“... To Victoria Colotta, for all her hard work on the interior design and typesetting. She took my plain text and made it gorgeous. Thank you, Victoria!...”

    Sylvia Day, Author From Bared to You Acknowledgments in April 2012 edition


“Working with Victoria Colotta and VMC Art Design, is a pleasure.  Not just because the interaction goes swiftly and professionally, but because Victoria brings an impressive background in design, to every project. It's obvious that she's up-to-date on industry news, fresh perspectives, and what works, but she also harkens back to the past with her sense of design history and aesthetic. And her work has visual impact. That's what we all want, isn't it?  And Victoria doesn't disappoint.  She's highly regarded for every good reason. VMC Art Design is the perfect choice and you only have to look at North of Supposed to Be, to see that she creates truly beautiful projects.”

— Marcia Ferguson, Author of North of Supposed to Be

“Not only did VMC Art & Design (Victoria) make every aspect of my book look as professional as it did stylish, but working with her was also such a pleasure. She was responsive and thorough and was always willing to answer my (many, many) questions. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and I love my book!”

— Tali Nay, Author


“Victoria Colotta did an amazing job for me. She's fast, she's creative, and she's thorough. She also made a point of including me in the process as much or as little as I wanted. I will definitely be hiring her again and recommend others giving her a try. You will not be disappointed.”

    — Kendall Swan, Author


“There are a lot of options these days for authors looking for design services for their next book. The difference between one option and another is invariably the level of service and the skill and passion of the person working on the finished product. I’ve had a chance to work with plenty of designers over the years and Victoria Colotta is the very best. The project we worked on was both unconventional and unprecedented- but Victoria took the time to make it work. What’s more, she managed to complete it on time and on budget. I strongly recommend her.”

“Victoria did a superb job redesigning our website (careerzing.com). We have a very interactive and complex site that needed an experienced, creative web designer to re-work our online offering. Victoria was patient, creative, cooperative, artful and we are thrilled with the results! We receive a constant stream of compliments from our young online readers. Victoria also did a fantastic job of teaching us how to manage our site - (posting article, images) so that we can keep all our content up-to-the-minute. She was especially patient when explaining the technical aspects that were necessary for us to understand in order to be self sufficient. I would recommend Victoria to anyone who needs a seasoned web designer.”

— Carol Horner, Co-Creator & Principal at CareerZing.com Winner of 2013 American Web Design Awards


“I wanted to thank you and say how great it was/is to work with you on my website, my e-novel (Faust's Shadow) and my advertising postcard. Thanks to you the website looks great. You did an excellent job with the design and the overall organization of the details and pages. I am very, very pleased with the result.

And thanks to you my e-novel, on both the Kindle and Nook, also looks great. I am very grateful for your technical expertise, your sense of humor, your amazing flexibility, and your amazing attention to detail. For example, I caught you up in a long process of revision after revision and each time you patiently and carefully made all the corrections. And when I apologized for the fiftieth revision you just said that you understood how writers work and you were always happy to help.
And thanks to you the postcard also looks great. You took my design and made it look exactly as I wanted. Again I am grateful for your patience and attention to detail as we went through version after version. It was an excellent experience, with excellent results.

So thanks for your excellent design work, your excellent technical expertise, your excellent sense of humor and your excellent and amazing patience with the whole process. You're the best!”

— John Fast (aka J.J. de Vinck), Author


“It's absolutely exquisite, Victoria. … I am so grateful for your expertise, your professionalism and...that unpurchaseable commodity…your taste. I'm thrilled.”

    John Meyer, Author


“Victoria's work in website design is professional and unparalleled. She created an outstanding website for The Vampire Within that captures the essence of the vampire series and is very user friendly for my readers. I would recommend her exceptional talent to my closest friends. She really knows how to sink her teeth into a story and develop a presence online to be proud of.”

— Drew Silver, author of The Vampire Within Series

“Victoria has been a great asset to my business. She is the rare graphic artist who is highly creative but who also understands the technical side of the business. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for smart design at a reasonable cost and a designer who can deliver the work on time, on budget.”

— Kristin Lindstrom, Publishing Consultant at Flying Pig Media


“For over 15 years I have worked with website designers that cost me many thousands of dollars. None of them were able to put together the website concept that I wanted. I met Victoria through LinkedIn earlier this year. She came on board, and not only did she understand my needs for my website, she creatively straightened up the design I had, added new things, suggested ideas, helped me to chose photographs, researched ideas to find something better, helped to write my bio, found urls for many links I wanted. I am so very happy with what she has provided for me.

On time, on budget, and better than I had ever expected. And with humor and understanding. I highly recommend her for any website work you need.”

Carolyn L. Bates, Photographer, Burlington VT

“Victoria took over 150 photos and corresponding copy to create three separate layouts for the different sections of my book, Mind Your Body: Pilates for the Seated Professional.  Her accuracy, ability to create what I envisioned, and commitment to excellence were commendable and praiseworthy.  In addition, her professionalism under difficult and sometimes stressful periods showed the integrity and reliability rarely observed in most people today.

...Not only does Victoria have a flare for graphic design, and clearly understand publishing, she runs my website from the back-end. As an author, speaker, writer, certified Pilates instructor, and clinical professor, I do not have the time to tend to my website. I totally trust and rely on her for this very important part of my business.

Victoria has been instrumental in more ways than one to me and has my highest recommendation!”

—Juli Kagan, Author and The Mindful Body Expert


“It's absolutely exquisite, Victoria. … I am so grateful for your expertise, your professionalism and...that unpurchaseable commodity…your taste. I'm thrilled.”

Michael Berry, Co-Author of See You 'Round The Square


“Working with Victoria has been an incredibly rewarding experience. She has a great understanding of branding and design, a very artistic eye and her work truly connects with the audience. I have worked with Victoria on marketing flyers, posters and website design and continue to be impressed with her insight, expertise and willingness to make any changes asked for. Victoria is able to take ideas and direction and build upon it, making the message very visually impactful and memorable. She is a true professional and a huge asset to anyone who hires her.”

— Lynn Gregorski, President & Creative Director
at Rapunzel Creative

“Victoria Colotta designed and produced a clean, dramatic website for me in a timely manner. She has good design ideas, and she's responsive.”

— Jim Martin, Author


“VMC Art & Design has been a real pleasure to work with on our book, Time to Care. The principal, Victoria Colotta, is an extremely talented designer who knows the state of the art techniques for both interior and exterior book design. The quality is superb. Readers say that her cover art is 'striking' and 'very original,' and it brings attention to the book. She brought in only the highest quality associates for other services throughout the project.

VMC Art & Design is very service oriented, always made sure that our goals ranked first and that we were completely satisfied with the results. VMC Art & Design was a key contributor to the success and national visibility of our book.”

— Bruce Makous, President at TowPath Publications

“Working with Victoria has been a great pleasure. Her extensive design skills and sensitivity to our particular project resulted in a book that has been very well received and highly praised. Her attention to detail and immediate responsiveness to my questions were very appreciated. I would recommend her services to anyone interested in producing a high quality book.”

— Mary Ann Mulvihill-Decker