The VMC Art & Design Beta Reading service will offer a reader’s perspective with the intent of looking over the material improve elements such as grammar and spelling, as well as suggestions to improve the story, its characters, or its setting. It is our goal to work with you and help get your manuscript to the best place it can be.

Beta Reading+ ($.0020 per word)
This includes a light edit of the manuscript.

What the service includes:

  • Read through of manuscript.
  • Provide a detailed report with feedback about book.

Things that we will look for & will be provided in the report:

  • If you have a great hook
  • Report on inconsistencies
  • Report on plot holes
  • Suggest improvements from a reader’s viewpoint
  • Flag ‘hang-up’ moments
  • Mention character inconsistencies (ie. areas that do not seem like a character)
  • Report on overall flow
  • Report on awkward moments and/or sentence structure fixes
  • Report on repeated words
  • Report on any grammar, punctuation, and/or typos that were caught during the read.
  • Answer any questions or concerns the author provided before reading the book.

Give 100% honest feedback



Developmental Editing is an in-depth edit for authors who want help with the big-picture of their book. It is an intensive form of editing used to evaluate problems of structure, organization, if the story makes sense, and consistency. With this service the author will work one-on-one with Victoria to revise, refine, and expand upon your manuscript. In some cases, this could lead to an overhaul when suggestions for rewrites are made.

It is important to know that your voice as an author is always respected. Even though the editing process can be intense, Victoria will do her best to keep true to your idea and style of writing.

Developmental Editing ($.008 per word)

  • Developmental editing includes a free 30 minute consultation.
  • The cost will be based on the manuscript provided and will include one revision at no additional charge.
  • Turnaround time must be negotiated.

VMC Art & Design always suggests having a final proofread of the manuscript from another editor before going to print. Having a different eye and someone who has not been invested in the process since the beginning is key to catching all those annoying little mistakes that are found in books.

“Wow! Victoria's beta read of my book was incredibly perceptive, as she sought to ensure that my book both stood well on its own and fit within its specific genre. Not only did she make valuable suggestions regarding overall plot and character development, she also pinpointed specific instances of awkward phrasing and questionable character motivation. I could not have been more impressed with the thoroughness of her report, as all of her suggestions made my book so much stronger. I will definitely be seeking Victoria's input on my future works!”

Bestselling Author

“Victoria is above expectations as a beta reader. She is through, punctual and easy to work with. Highly recommend.”

— Renee Blossom, Author

“Victoria's beta reading service was excellent. She provided a detailed, professional and forthright assessment of my manuscript. Her feedback and suggestions were respectful, insightful and constructive. Her contribution has strengthened my story significantly and I will be using this service again. I highly recommend her.”
–Fen Wilde, Author

“...As a bonus, when she does a Beta Read she provides the author with an incisive and perceptive distillation of the novel's strengths and weaknesses. Kudos to a valuable partner in any author's effort to provide the best book possible.”
—Mark Rubinstein, Franklin
and IPPY Award winning author