About Us

VMC Art & Design is an award winning graphic design firm creating customized graphic design solutions for all your publishing, small business, and marketing needs. In addition, we have expanded our services to help our publishing clients even more. VMC Art & Design now offers developmental editing, beta reading, book planning, and virtual marketing assistance. 

Established in 2007, we believe in offering a high level of customer support by taking the time to build relationships as we get to know our clients by understanding what their needs are and what their budget is. Through this insight, we formulate a plan that allows them to achieve their goals. We not only strive to reach our client’s expectations, we go beyond what they thought they wanted. Because of our ongoing relationships with our clients, referrals have become an important part of the development and growth of VMC Art & Design.

We have the expertise in publishing, online website development, and print design. We have read and provided feedback on authors' manuscripts to help improve the reader experience. We have taken authors’ manuscripts and transformed them into final printed books that can be distributed and promoted. We then provide the authors with the ability to create a platform for their books through websites, blogs, social media, and printed materials.

In addition to working within the publishing industry, we have worked with small businesses in the reinforcement of their brand. Whether it is creating new identities or working with them to build upon their existing brand, we have helped them to develop their look in both print and on the web.

From idea to final product, VMC Art & Design can help you in any stage of your next project.